with Brass Dwennimmen Symbols

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Origin: Ghana

Talented artisans in Ghana create stylish nesting tables featuring beautifully grained teak inset in sturdy metal frames. Three lost wax brass Dwennimmen symbols adorn each table.

In the Adinkra symbol system of West Africa, the Dwennimmen is styled after ram's horns. Dwennimmen calls for individuals to remember to balance strength with humility, like the ram who fights with all his might, yet also humbly surrenders to slaughter.

Sold as a set of three nesting tables. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.

Set of Three Round Ghanaian Nesting Tables

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  • Size: [Small] 13"D x 18"T [Medium] 15.5"D x 20"T [Large] 18"D x 22"T
    Materials: Teak, metal, paint