Brand new Woven Cushion Covers make a bold statement in any room ,Composite Of A Woman Cushion Covers are sewn with jacquard woven cotton with polyester tapestry on one side.The back side of the Composite Of A Woman Cushion Cover are finished with a red colored, soft to touch and “suede like” fabric. Add a touch of style to your Living Room, Bedroom, Guest Room, Dorm, Office, etc. The cushion cover hem is completed with side “rope-like” piping edge for a classic look. Separate the cover from the inside cushion when cleaning. Be Inspired by the artwork of Larry “Poncho” Brown. Our woven cushion covers are Afrocentric, and extremely colorful, and are great for making sleep comfortable during travel or at home! Choose from a variety of artistic creations that will inspire you as well as give you the ultimate beauty sleep. Carry woven cushion covers fit in a bag, luggage, or home! Shades of Color’s woven cushion covers also make great gifts! Our innovative, decorative, cushion covers are one-of-a-kind ! Our cushion covers also have amazing phrases that will DEFINITELY uplift and inspire you from day to day.


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  • INNER CUSHION IS NOT INCLUDED. We recommend purchasing an inner cushion / pillow that is up to 2 inches larger than these dimensions (18″ x 18″ – 20″ x 20″ max).